Kihara - Japanese Ceramics

This month Kogei Gallery features 'Kihara' a Japanese art of fine porcelain ware that dates 400 years back. Kogei Gallery is a unique store that is committed to bringing Japan's minimalism to the home and fashion accessories for its customers. Each product is carefully curated and brought to our customers. We believe in spreading joy and harmony with a purpose. Kihara ceramics are perfect for personal use or for gift giving. Gift giving is an integral part of today's culture, when we express our love for those dear to us, but would it also not be useful to our growth mindset when we learn about ancient traditions and their historic techniques that are employed to produce wonderful ceramics such as 'Kihara'.

Meaning of Kihara?

 "Auspiciousness" is originally a Buddhist word that means "everything happens (occurs) due to a cause."

In Buddhism, it is a word that expresses itself in the sense that not all phenomena and things are made up of themselves, but are caused by innumerable ties. Kihara ceramics come with a blend of symbols. Each one of them represents a lucky charm and a deep connection with nature. Using Kihara ceramics in Japanese tradition signifies inviting happiness to your home.

Symbols of Prosperity


Hyoutan means the gourd. The vines of the gourd entangle in branches of trees. So, the strength of gourd becomes the symbol of good business. Also, gourd has many seeds. Therefore, gourd has the meaning of prosperity.


Kotobuki-mon means Kotobuki (auspicious) + mon (pattern). In fact, some auspicious patterns are combined to make this pattern. At the center the flower is chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is symbol of perpetual young and long life. 

Stylish Composition

Navy petals are Karakusa. The white petals are Asanoha. Again these refer to prosperity and connection, that we all seek. It is no surprise then that Kihara ceramics naturally can bring us auspiciousness in our every day lives. But along with great art form they are engineered with great precision and built for utility.

The blue and white patterns are formed by using pad printing with silicon pads. The curved surfaces of the ceramics can render the pattern delicate and slightly uneven, but strikingly that is what that adds interest to the Kihara ceramics.

They are microwave and dishwasher safe, very light to handle.

Happy Small Plates

 The Kihara small plates can be used in a variety of different ways.

 A day starts with breakfast with Kihara ceramics it can be very inviting!
A busy day lunch with Kihara ceramics it can bring serenity!
A Coffee Break with Kihara ceramics can add more sweetness to candies and pastries!
An incense tray with Kihara ceramics can set the tone of a relaxing calm atmosphere!
The list can go on ...


Happy Medium Plates


At Kogei Gallery - we strive to pursue enrichment for our customers through discovery and thoughtfulness in our products. A life of passion and pragmatism, a life of happy balance can be created if we stop and wonder about what surrounds us both from the past and the present. A Happy medium is when we proceed towards the future by not letting go of our past traditions, but always seeking to bring it in our every day present lives. What better way to inculcate that through Kihara - a beautiful Japanese ceramic art. If you are interested in finding about how rich the art of pottery and ceramics is in Japan you can follow this link where you can search from a listing of 1000+ potters, and learn about how they started and why the do what they do!

Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts from Kogei Gallery. We love your feedback!

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