'Furoshiki' Japanese Art of Fabric Wrapping

Furoshiki bags with handles


Traditionally in Japan during the Nara period (710-794) 'Furoshiki' cloth was used to wrap sacred Temple objects. It lost its relevance during the post war period as paper and plastic became more prevalent in use. But in recent years, with the adoption of more environment friendly products all over the world, it is slowly gaining popularity.

Modern day use

Rather than purchasing ziplock bags, saran wrap, disposable gift bags, or even collecting plastic bags from the supermarket, the furoshiki can play the role of all of these items, plus they’re washable, reusable, and certainly more pleasing to the eye.

They can be used to wrap bento boxes, wine bottles, a bag for shopping, a belt, a scarf, or house hold decor item

Traditionally both the colour and the printed design on the furoshiki is meaningful, so it's important to choose the correct cloth for the occasion. The giver presents the receiver with the gift, unveils it then keeps the cloth for the next use.

So many ways to wrap!

Furoshiki Styles of wrapping

For example the sizes of cloths that will make,

50 cm - small book

70 cm - T-shirt

90 cm - a bottle of wine

 Make your own - Kogei-Furoshiki Bag!

  How to make Furoshiki bag


 Kogei Bag HandlesFabric for FuroshikiHand dyed fabric in kyoto

Fabric is not printed but hand dyed in Kyoto. Fabric can be washed and detached from the handle. Patterns are designed by talented French artists. Patterns that draw are attention to our organic surroundings such as roots and clouds. 


As consumers how can we decrease our carbon footprint? A good design always has sustainability and functionality as its corner stones. Kogei Gallery is proud to bring versatility into your lifestyle, and with products that are truly next-gen!

2021 Christmas Gift Wrapping 

Learn how to wrap your gifts with the technique of 'Furshoshiki'. Pass on this craft to your family - and your Christmas and gift giving can be very special.

Christmas gift wrapping with Furoshiki


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