Ikebana is the Japanese tradition of flower arranging. In Japan, Ikebana is considered one of the three classical arts of refinement, along with Kodo (incense appreciation) and Chado of Sado (tea and the tea ceremony). The term “ikebana” translates to “making flowers alive” and is also known as Kado meaning “the way of flowers.” 

Though the exact origins of this art form are unknown, it is believed that ikebana was introduced to Japan in the 6th century by Buddhist missionaries from China. Some also believe that the use of evergreen and flowers to evoke the gods and ancestors predates Buddhist traditions in Japan. Regardless of how the tradition began in Japan, the celebration and adoration for nature is well documented in Japanese history. 

Ikebana is thought to be a reflection of the self and your state of mind while arranging the flowers, making it a wonderful practice in mindfulness. However, it can also be a fun and unique way to arrange your flowers and bring more color and beauty into your home. 

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