Nousaku & Syouryu Tin Bowls & Plates


Created in Takaoka, Japan, these pieces are made of 100% tin. This material makes them sturdy and malleable. They can be stored perfectly flat before being bent and shifted for a multitude of uses including bowls for food storage, mail carriers, wine display holder, flower arrangers, and many more.



Enjoy the mysterious resilience and flexibility of suzugami; you can change its shape and flatten it again just as you do with origami. Suzugami gains these properties after skilled craftsmen roll tin material repetitively and hammer the plates to a regular rhythm. The process eliminates usual deterioration from repetitive bending and stretching. Traditional Hammering technique contributes to the joy of creating you own shapes.

“Syouryu” is a new brand from Shimatani Shouryu Kobo, a family-run factory since 1909, which specializes in manufacturing Rin for Buddhist temples. There are less than ten Rin craftemen in Japan, and three of them work at Shimatani. They use artisanal hammering techniques to tighten metal plates, make them round, adjust the roundness, and tune the sound of Rin. Syouryu’s mission is to create a new generation of products which utilize these hammering techniques to preserve the ancestral tradition for the future.

We offer wholesale options for these collections. Contact us directly with inquiries. 

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