Tsugaru Vidro - Japanese Glass

Made by Tsugaru Vidro Glass of Japan. 

A note from the artist:

"What is the color of Japan?

Cherry blossoms in spring, festivals in summer, the turning leaves of fall, and the white landscapes of winter.

We aspire to bring you the profound colors of the Japanese seasons in glass.

So we create hues in the thousands to sustain our attention to detail.

Tsugaru Vidro is born within the red, blazing, 1500ºC heat of the furnaces.

The artisans complete each piece with a smoothness that can only be achieved using a blowing iron with refined skill and ability.

With emphasis on the Japanese seasons, Tsugaru Vidro captures infinite expressions like the changing scenery through its color combinations.

We hope everyone enjoys joyful meals and relaxing moments with colorful, charming Tsugaru Vidro."

We offer wholesale options for this collection. Contact us directly with inquiries. 

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