Tami Zohar - Wool & Silk Shawls

Designed and created by Tami Zohar of Oceanside, CA. Each shawl is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. Tami uses silk and wool to create each of her masterpieces. There is no stitching involved, instead she uses different temperatures of water to shrink the wool and attach it to the silk. She mixes her own dyes with up-cycled silks and fibers to create fun pops of color.

Tami is inspired by nature and life. The viewer will notice the organic shapes present in her work and the way the colors flow and swirl bring to mind the tides of the ocean or a soft spring breeze.   

Each shawl is unique and takes time to create. Kogei Gallery is proud to represent such a special and talented artist. These stunning shawls are so much more than just an article of clothing, they are art you can wear and enjoy everyday of your life.

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