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The term "kogei" is a Japanese word that translates loosely to "craft." Pronounced ko-gay, it is used to describe works created by both traditional artists and those manufactured by craftsmen and artisans. What sets kogei apart is that the creators strive to unite design with an understanding of the essence of the materials being utilized. Kogei is about a relationship with the art while being made and how it is used after. An important aspect of kogei is that the art should be functional and, in fact, becomes more beautiful as it's used.
Our mission at Kogei Gallery is to bring you unique works of art produced by talented artists that can be appreciated in everyday life. We believe that art should be harnessed to elevate your surroundings and bring beauty and design into your day-to-day routine. 
With highly curated items such as jewelry, accessories, clothing, home decor and ceramics, Kogei Gallery offers a collection of unique, meticulously designed pieces created by modern Japanese, American & Canadian artisans. The intricate pieces of custom art are high-quality, yet affordable and functional so that our customers can enjoy art regularly.

Kogei Gallery represents over 100 artists. We are proud to be an Asian owned business, as well as a woman owned and operated company. Our goal is to introduce specialized pieces of art to our customers while providing expertise and knowledge about these works and how they can be used in every lifestyle.
Tomoko & Aisling

Tomoko & Aisling at Kogei Gallery

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